How To Maintain A Computer Operating System

A healthy operating system is very much essential to have a good long lasting user experience any day. Here are a few sequential easy steps to ensuring just that. Here are a few pointers on how to maintain your operating system.

1. Anti-virus setup for scheduled maintenance:

Download or buy any decent anti-virus software with a license key and install it on your OS. Make sure that it is regularly updated and schedule a timely maintenance plan so that no threats go undetected.

2. Computer Back up:

Make sure you have backed up your most important data stored inside the computer HDD presently for the rainy days. You never know when you are gonna end up having a very bad day and lose all your data all at once with your HDD crashing or something like that.

3. Remove junk files with Disk Cleanup:

Having enough free space on your C drive can be an essential way to keep your computer healthy. Daily usage always leads to the continued growth in junk files situated in temporary and other file folders. Use disk cleanup to ensure you don’t have anything unnecessary there to improve the performance of the system.

4. Update drivers and software:

Make sure that all the hardware you are using are updated with the newest drivers and software. Using older versions might get the job done but what that means is that your computer is wasting precious processing power on things it could have done faster and earlier. So, hope you can look into that.

5. Cleanup physically: 

A lot of things can go wrong if you are set up is dirty on the inside. From overheating to uninformed shut downs, it can all become messy unless taken care of early. Take care of the inside of a casing if you own a desktop computer by using an air blower. You must know how to maintain your operating system physically too. Dust build up often hampers computer functions and leads to overheating which is very bad for the internal components. It can get in the way of the processors performance.

Overheating can even end up leading to the drying up of cooling paste on the processor chip earlier than intended. You can disconnect all the wiring and hardware then clean them separately with a dry cloth or toothbrush. Make sure to avoid anything wet while cleaning them because we all know these are electronic components and water is bad for them. Also clean the exhaust fan and the processor fan if you find any dust build up there.

Again, cleaning the exterior of the laptop or desktop is as important as well as the interior. A dirty set up is not user friendly. You can take dry cloth or old toothbrush to clean your keyboard and mouse. If you own a laptop make sure to clean the dust off of the exhaust grails and external ports. You can even take off the battery if necessary to have a better clean up there as well.

With these pointers, you now know how to maintain your operating system.

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