How To Maintain Your Laptop

This is an extensive guide to maintain your laptop for the long run. If you want to have a healthy laptop that will serve you for years to come then this is the way to go.

1. Keep the battery cool:

Most lithium batteries these days are bad. They tend to give diminished output with every year passing by. It may be due to various reasons like overheating or long exposure to unnecessary workloads. Whatever might be the reason, the need for having a healthy laptop is still unquestionable.

To be honest, no matter what you do, the battery will eventually wear out bringing the need to either replace it or even buy a new laptop. But, you can delay the overall process of battery wear out by doing a few things. Making sure there is little to no heat buildup underneath your computer, the same applies to the battery. Use the battery only when it is necessary. If you find yourself working on AC generated power then there is something more you can do here. First shut down or hibernate the computer. Then, take off the battery and work with the computer plugged to the AC adapter. This eventually gives the battery some breathing space and elongates the life span of your battery.

2. Eating and Drinking:

Make sure that you are super careful around your laptop when you have food or beverages nearby. A simple spill of juice even on the keyboard could end up frying your motherboard and you would eventually end up with a huge replacement bill on your hand. Try using an external USB connected keyboard and mouse if necessary. That keeps your works station far away from you even if there is an accident. That way, all you are going to lose is the keyboard or the mouse.

3. Be efficient at home:

When you are at home, put as little strain on the laptop as possible. You can use and HDMI cable to connect it to an external full size monitor which provides you with added dexterity. Also, you can add in a wireless mouse and keyboard so that you can work from anywhere in the room. Leaves very little space for accidents this way and increases overall longevity.

4. Carrying case:

A proper carrying case is more than just essential to move fast and be mobile. In many cases, most laptops these days aren’t of high build quality. They are very much prone to external injury which are very hard to fix. And we all know that can easily happen when you are always on the run. So what you can do is use a padded laptop bag or a hard case bag if necessary. This ensure the desired safety of your laptop no matter where you go.

Long story short, if you want to use your laptop for at least 5 years with ease, this is the best way to get your desired output. Just make sure you are as caring as you can be to that shiny slab of metal.

Don’t forget to maintain your computer operating system too.