How To Clean The Inside Of A Computer

Well this is a complete guide to maintaining and cleaning the inside of a desktop computer. You can follow these simple and easy steps to clean your PC effortlessly.


1. Collect your tools:

Here are a few things that you can have beside you while you are cleaning the CPU. The bare essentials include compressed air and a screwdriver. The compressed air will help you get all that dirt out of those unreachable places. You can easily buy it at your local department store or super shop. And the screwdriver, well, almost everyone has one at their home. These are tools needed to clean your PC. So no need to worry. A few other things that you can add to this is a dust mask just in case especially if you don’t want your hardware to be covered in your snot. Also try to have a vacuum cleaner somewhere nearby to clean up the mess you make around the computer in case you are doing the cleaning in-house.

2. Unplug:

Shut down your computer and disconnect all the cables including LAN and Ethernet cables. Unplug all you peripherals like the keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer etc. It is actually pretty hard to do the cleaning while all of this is connected. They will get in the way of your cleaning and eventually you might end up harming either yourself or the computer itself.

3. Choose work area:

If you didn’t clean your PC in a fairly long time, chances are there will be a lot of dirt inside. So, take your CPU some where you don’t mind cleaning up afterwards.


4. Open Sesame!

Unscrew you’re your side panel and get cracking. There should be no more than 4 screws on the side depending on the model you are using. This is an easy task to do and shouldn’t take that long.

5. Dust away:

Start from the top of the inside of your CPU. Take the compressed air can and hold it upright so that the air isn’t released as fluid. That can seriously harm your CPU. As you make your way down to the lower components from the top, you’ll see that you are able to clean the whole thing in one go.

6. Heat sink:

Take extra care with cleaning the heat sink and the fan. A lot of dust usually collects there and on the fan as well.  You can use the compressed air as well as a brush to clean it properly.

7. Ports:

Make sure that no dust has formed on the cable ports on the inside and outside while you were cleaning. It usually happens and go unnoticed. Clean them all up with a brush. The brush is recommended here.

8. Workspace:

As you are finishing off with your dusting session, you’ll find your work area very dirty. Use a vacuum cleaner if possible if you have done the cleaning indoors. Otherwise, just use a duster and get rid of all the grit.

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